Wen Ken Drug Co. Pte Ltd :: 永健药业私人有限公司

Wen Ken Drug Co. Pte Ltd :: 永健药业私人有限公司
Address : No.2 Alexandra Road, #02-08 Delta House, Singapore 159919
Tel : 62755677
Fax : 62752282
Email : lim-yi-lin@wenken.com
Website : www.wenken.com.sg
Business Reg. No. : 195800159G
Representative : Mr Fu Siang Jeen
代表 : 胡向礽
Mobile :
Email : lim_yi_yin@wenken.com.sg
Nature of Business : Manufacturing and wholesale of proprietary medicine
商业活动 : 制造批发成药

Our Products

Medicinal Powder: 600mg / sachet x 12’s

Tinea Skin Solution: 12ml

Cough Relief: 80ml, 120ml

Cool Rhino: 350ml

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao: 30ml, 90ml, 180ml

Three Legs Cooling water: 200ml, 500ml